Industry Expertise

Gulland Padfield has a unique sector focus across three service industries - Financial Services, Business Services and Professional Services.

Our service industry focus benefits our clients in three ways.

  1. We have a viewpoint on the future of client’s industries. Our consultants bring their cumulative expertise of having helped many services business with similar challenges over the years. No two businesses are exactly alike but there are often similarities in the challenges they face. We make confident recommendations on the basis of seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t. And we have constructed our own benchmarks to help businesses across the sectors establish excellence in their market.
  2. We understand exactly what’s unique about running and growing a service business. We know what success looks like in the service sector and how to achieve it. Strategies which might be effective in other sectors, don’t work in services so we avoid the generic solutions which less specialised consultancies suggest. We have the answers to the questions that are unique to service businesses.
  3. Our consultants bring their frontline experience to each client engagement having worked in these sectors at a senior level, before joining the firm, or as interim management.

Financial Services

We help financial institutions from wealth management to private banking, asset management, insurance, private equity and market infrastructure players. We enable institutions to find sources of growth through better alignment with their clients and markets. We help restore brand trust and performance.Read more

Business Services

We work with business services organizations from Management Consulting to HR consulting, Engineering and Environmental, IT and Business Process and Service Outsourcing firms. We enable organizations to identify opportunities, shape compelling propositions, and drive growth through understanding of markets and alignment around to their client base. Read more

Professional Services

We work to create strong positive cultures and scope the opportunities to client centric, consistency across international, at practice levels strategies. We understand the opportunities in markets.Read more