Business Services

Over the last 12 years, our consultants have worked with many of the world's leading business services firms. As the market has grown and evolved, we have partnered with them to drive success in a complex and challenging market. We have worked with business services firms to build a stronger understanding of the needs of their diverse client base. By creating alignment around client needs and developing strategies which focus on specific segments, the business services firms we advise drive sustainable growth and profitability.

Facilities Management

Our teams work with leading facilities management groups to support their business planning and client relationship strategy in a range of outsourced services including property management, transport solutions, care & patient provision, municipal & social services as well as other complex outsourced offerings in what is often a highly-regulated environment. We help players to shape clearly-defined market offerings to their institutional, governmental and local authority clients. Projects completed in this diverse area include market entry strategy for a major facilities group, the establishment of an effective account management culture for a regional outsourced provider, and business planning analysis of a complex client base for a business services firm. Our clients in this sector have benefited from our insights into the professional services sector as facilities groups look to match professional firms’ success in building high-margin services and loyal relationships with their institutional clients.

Engineering & Environmental

The firms we advise have had to shift from an environment where project pipelines were strong to a far more uncertain outlook. Even with a more positive growth environment in some parts of the world the challenge is to build a sustainable growth trajetory across all markets. 

Our clients continue to deal with reduced global Government spend and more demanding private sector tenders. As growth returns, we are helping firms to shape international and global growth strategies, looking to new markets and client opportunities. We have conducted projects to define and clarify propositions in a competitive market. We have worked with engineering and consulting firms to develop a more international and consistent approach to key account management as they look to manage key relationships on an international basis. 

IT and Business Process Outsourcing

Firms we work with have diverse global business models and complex relationships with their client base.

We help firms’ senior management teams to gain a strong firm-wide understanding of the depth and health of their client relationships.
We work with them to re-shape their organization’s culture to focus on building stronger client relationships with specific and often niche client segments.

Business education

Our Consultants have an established track record of working with some of the world’s leading providers of business education and professional development services. We bring our knowledge of successful growth strategies in this sector and the principles of institutional marketing strategy. Our market data and experience of the emerging needs of C-suite business buyers and executive audiences has helped providers across this fast-growing services sector. Past clients of our partners include leading international business schools and cutting-edge suppliers of advanced blended learning solutions. With our support, business education providers have successfully sharpened their expansion, refocused their market strategy and developed differentiators in an exceptionally competitive environment where reputation and brand position is vital.

Business media

Understanding a complex global business audience and delivering relevant support in a volatile business environment is challenge for business media organisations. In a data saturated environment, it is important to have a compelling proposition, delivered through the right channel strategy, to cut though. We work with business media organisations to build up a deep understanding of the needs and interests of senior executives. We ensure that their strategy resonates with the right individuals to build loyalty and success.

We also work with business services organizations in the following areas:
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Property management
  • B2B publishing
In these areas we deliver the following consulting services:
  • Growth strategy
  • Transformation
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Client loyalty
  • Client segmentation alignment