Consulting Services

Our consulting services both individually and in combination, are designed to have a single, clear benefit: to help your business grow. For every project, we think it is essential to make the link between what we do for our clients and how it will positively impact their revenues.

Businesses who benefit from our consulting services enjoy higher than average margins and higher revenue growth by taking a client centric approach to strategy.

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M&A due diligence

The current business climate provides our clients with the opportunity and the impetus to acquire or merge with other firms. Consolidation is the dynamic in many service sectors where scale and depth are the platform for growth into new markets. We help management teams and investors with analysis at the principal stages of the transaction process.Read more

Growth strategies

At Gulland Padfield, we believe that an organisation’s plans for growth are best based on a deep understanding of the current and emerging needs of its clients and markets. We call this the ‘client centric’ approach to strategy. Working with us, our clients have successfully formulated well-researched and credible strategies in their key segments and markets.Read more

Product performance

Transparency about the performance of a firm’s product and service offering is often hard to establish. Legacy financial systems, weak product innovation processes, poor product-client alignment are some of the issues which can lead to a negative impact on top line and margins. Read more

Thought leadership research service

Issues-based marketing or 'Thought leadership' research as it is now called, is now widely acknowledged as an essential element in an organization’s objective to build or maintain a global profile. And for business leaders in the services sector, the ability to comment on developments in their industry and topics relevant to their own clients and prospects, is a valuable investment in business development.Read more

Organisational transformation

In the current business climate, management teams continue to assess which areas of the business need to evolve. And for growing business, structure and governance become more complex and need to adapt. Gulland Padfield can help you conduct a review of the functional efficiency of your organization.Read more

Client relationship programmes

Delivering consistent standards of client service across a global or international network is a major challenge for leading service firms in banking and professional services. As their needs have changed, clients have put pressure on their advisors to deliver more and to deliver it better.Read more

Interim management

Our partners and consultants provide interim management to leading institutions. We have over 80 years’ of C-suite and Board level experience and an established track record in the delivery of complex transformation projects reporting directly to CEOs and as an integrated part of a management team.Read more

Marketing & Business development

In many mature markets, the current tough economic environment has placed additional pressure on those in our clients’ firms whose responsibility it is to generate revenues. We work to shape and execute successful marketing strategies.Read more

Market entry

Deciding whether, when and how to enter a new market is one of the most challenging strategic choices a management team makes. We lend business support, analytical and modelling capabilities to ensure that any assumptions are validated, that the new market’s appeal is clearly defined and that the business’s strategic capabilities can be deployed effectively.Read more

Research & sector insights

Robust analysis and research is often the starting point, and always a vital component for any consulting solution. Our teams of research analysts have provided high quality analysis to some of the world’s leading financial institutions and professional firms for over 12 years.Read more

Reward & Remuneration

The right rewards for the people in a service business will encourage behaviours that deepen client relationships and the selling of the organisation’s offer. We help our clients assess their current remuneration and incentives system and establish the reasons why it may result in less than optimal performance and client service.Read more

Pricing and Margin Management

Service industries share many issues in common. One of the most challenging is a firm’s ability to price a product or service appropriately for a client and then manage and maintain that margin over the course of the engagement with the client.Read more

Market positioning and Brand strategy

Service brands are fundamentally different from brands in other industry sectors. In a service firm, the people are the brand. And the firm’s culture and values are directly linked to the firm’s success in areas such as product innovation, service quality and account management.Read more