Law Firm Seminars:  Strategic issues for today’s Latin Law firm.

Law Firm Seminars: Strategic issues for today’s Latin Law firm.

The award-winning strategy firm to the legal sector, Gulland Padfield hosted a series of sell-out strategy seminars for Latin American law firms in Bogota, Colombia throughout November.

Each seminar covered a different topic. Together, the program of seminars provided best practice and international insights from the team at Gulland Padfield whose partners and consultants have now worked with 33 of the top 50 global law firms.

Gulland Padfield finished-up its Latin Law Firm Strategy 2016 seminar series in Bogota, Colombia last week. Participants who attended the programme, covered the issues of (i) strategic branding and positioning for the law firm (ii) the shape and strategy of a modern legal Marketing function and (iii) the principles of Digital marketing for today’s professional services firm. (Further details below)  

Speaking about the sessions, participants said,

“The program is excellent – very interactive”

“Really strong sessions.  Very informative – and with great methodologies.” 

“The frameworks and case studies were very helpful.”

“High quality speakers and some excellent real life examples which will really help me in my role”

“The Gulland Padfield team really gave us the benefit of their first hand knowledge.”

James Edsberg, partner at Gulland Padfield who hosted the programme said, “We were delighted to welcome representatives almost all of the leading local law firms to our sessions as well as a number of boutique law firms.  The feedback has been terrific and we look forward to welcoming more participants to our 2017 programme.  Details will be announced shortly.”  

Gulland Padfield’s seminar programme covered the following topics:

How should the Latin American law firm define its brand in today’s market?
Speakers: James Edsberg & Andres Vanegas

Articulating your firm and its position in a very competitive market is challenging. To attract new business opportunities, it is also very important that your firm presents itself consistently and clearly to the market.

In this practical workshop style session, using examples and takeaway frameworks, the team will help you through a step-by-step guide to shaping your brand and positioning in your market.

You will see case studies of successful professional services brands, advice about what not to do with your brand, how to be realistic about differentiation, examples and tips about external and internal messaging and communication and much more.


The session includes extracts from Gulland Padfield’s global study of the message routes used by leading law firms.


How to create and manage the modern law firm’s marketing team
Speakers: Silvia Velasquez & James Edsberg

To grow in today’s economic environment, every law firm needs to have a clear Marketing strategy and a professional well-managed Marketing team.

In this session, you will hear from two of the most respected marketing and business development professionals in the legal industry who will share the secrets of how to build and manage successfully key elements of a modern law firm’s Marcoms & Business Development function.


The session will provide insights and a dynamic Question & Answer format to enable you and other participants to ask questions and get the guidance and recommendations you want. The session will help partners and management teams identify how they align their business goals with the firm’s Marketing activities.


A compact course in digital communications strategy for you and your law firm
Speaker: Andres Vanegas

Twitter? Facebook? Linked-in? Blogs? Google+? What should you and your firm be doing in the digital marketing race and where should you spend your time and resources?

Today’s era of digital communications is a vital part of managing your firm’s profile and your personal reputation as an expert lawyer and thought leader.

In this session, you will get guidance and clarity on the true business return on your digital activities, where to prioritise, how to design and publish content, how to keep in touch with clients and build recognition.


Andres Vanegas has advised leading services brands on their on-line communications and will provide practical learning for all participants to apply to their own profile and their firm’s practices.


About Gulland Padfield

Gulland Padfield is the multi award-winning management consulting firm to the professional services sector. Our purpose is to help law firms become client focused and to transform their operational performance, culture, growth and profitability as a consequence. We have successfully delivered projects in over 24 countries from our offices in the United States, Europe and Latin America.


Our partners and teams have worked with:
• 33 of the Top 50 Global Law firms
• 9 of the Top 20 US Law Firms
• 18 of the Top 30 UK Law Firms
• 6 of the Top 10 US Accountancy Firms
• 6 of the Top 10 Global Accountancy Firms
• 4 of the Top 10 Global Executive Search Firms
• 2 of the Top 5 Global Property Consultancy Firms
• 8 of the Top 10 Global Investment Banks
• 11 of the Top 20 Global Private Banks


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